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Here are our most frequently asked questions

You can find Cu2 Electricals’ most common FAQs here, or if you have a question please get in touch for expert electrical advice. Contact us on 1300 282 130

A: Yes, LED lights are a more energy efficient choice than incandescent lighting and they also last longer than a traditional incandescent bulb. This makes them a more cost-effective lighting solution. Talk to Cu2 Electrical about a money-saving LED lighting upgrade at your home or business today.

A: Not all LED lights are suitable for dimming. If you want the option to dim your LEDs, it’s important to make the correct choice, otherwise it can lead to issues like:

  • Flicker 
  • Flashing 
  • Stuttering dimming
  • Insufficient dimming 
  • Failed LED driver 
  • Failed dimmer 

If you need help choosing the right dimmable LED lights for your home or business, contact us at Cu2 Electrical for expert advice. We can help you make the right choice from the thousands of different dimmable LED light fixtures on the market.

A: Yes. Because halogens are available in either low voltage (12V) or 240V models, we do have the option to replace them with LED or other alternatives that use much less power and reduce your energy bill.

A: It is very dangerous to not have safety switches. Cu2 Electrical highly recommends every property should have them.

Safety switches will protect anyone using electrical appliances that can potentially become “live”. The safety switch will open the circuit in a fraction of a second stopping potential electrocution of anyone using the appliance.

A: Absolutely! We’re happy to provide an estimate for any size electrical job. Just get in touch with us by phone on 1300 282 130 or ask us online with the details of your job.

A: For all residential and commercial electrical work, the Cu2 Electrical team is available throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We’re also happy to travel further afield throughout North Queensland for large-scale commercial projects.

A: Cu2 Electricals’ general service hours are Monday – Friday, 6.30am to 4pm. We are also available after hours for emergency electrical work. Call 1300 282 130.

An RCD is a residual-current device, also more commonly known as a safety switch. A safety switch trips the circuit when a leak to earth is detected from a fault in wiring, an appliance, or switch. (See also "Do I need a safety switch?")

A: A safety switch protects people from electrical accidents, while a circuit breaker protects the wiring and electrical systems inside a home or business. A safety switch monitors the flow of electricity through a circuit and can detect when it is about to cause a potential electric shock. It instantly activates, which reduces the chance of being electrocuted by switching the power on the circuit off within 0.03 seconds. 

A circuit breaker on the other hand, provides protection for electrical circuits. It cuts out the power when a high current fault or overload is detected when too many appliances are plugged into a power point, preventing fire or electrocution.

On your property, you should have combined circuit breaker safety switches. These will keep both you and your appliances protected inside your home or business.

A: Once a switch becomes faulty inside a home or business, do not hesitate to contact Cu2 Electrical for a safety check. A safety check involves making sure that your electrical circuits and equipment are not overloaded. 

Signs you need an electrical safety check include:

  • You have concerns about how any equipment may be operating
  • The property had electrical work done prior to 1990
  • When you are looking to purchase a previously occupied home or soon after purchase, and;
  • Routinely every 5 years as a general electrical health check (consider getting 240V smoke alarms installed)

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