Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting
Date: 14-Mar-2019

Exit signs and emergency lights are not normally the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about energy efficiency. But that doesn’t mean property and building managers shouldn’t consider efficient lighting fixtures. Emergency lighting and exit signage are essential for accidents or catastrophic events that require a safe and smooth evacuation from a building. It provides illumination allowing people to see clearly, avoid obstacles and move confidently to the nearest exit in a crisis.

The importance of periodically testing Emergency Lighting Equipment

Ninety minutes is the usual illumination time required to give everyone enough time to properly exit the building, which is why it’s extremely important to make sure that your emergency lights and exit signs are up to date; We at CU2 Electrical, will be able to inspect and test your emergency lights and exit signs, as we are qualified and experienced Electricians. We will check to make sure that the batteries are charging properly. Each unit will be discharged to exercise the batteries and verify that the units function for the required 90 minutes, should they be needed in case of an emergency.

Why is Emergency Lighting so important?

  • Offers comfort and safety to occupants in an emergency
  • Gives emergency services better visibility

Risks if emergency lighting isn’t implemented or properly installed

Different emergency lighting requirements are required for different work areas; all of which should be consulted before building work takes place.

  • Injury or potential fatalities to building occupants
  • Prosecution, fines and imprisonment
  • Ineffective evacuation during an emergency leading to panic and stress

Different emergency lighting requirements are required for different work areas; all of which should be consulted before building work takes place.

  • Escape route lighting: Gives people the chance to identify a means of escape, so they can exit the building appropriately
  • Emergency escape lighting: Allows occupants to leave a building safely and enables people to tackle any danger if required
  • Open area lighting: employed to minimize panic and allow occupants the chance to find an appropriate escape route, with minimal anxiety

It is vital that emergency lighting systems are implemented in the correct areas of a building and adhere to relevant standards; to make sure that everyone, no matter which part of the premises they work, can properly follow the escape route and escape safely and appropriately. It is important to carry out risk assessment when installing any emergency lighting in order to know which areas of the building are at a higher risk of danger so that all procedures are followed correctly and safely.

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